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Director's Picks are simply some of the best works from artists I have come across on DevianArt.

For more of their work, visit their specific pages, or alternatively look through the galleries and featured works below, to see some of our contributors' art.

If you're aspiring contributor, use these as an inspiration and as a sample of what this group is all about. Enjoy!

Welcome visitors, fans and new members!

Art, not porn; have you come across the common debate over understanding this short phrase?  I have, and as long as there are ignorant people out there I will continue to see and hear the same misguided assumptions about the subject.  The gray area between these two words it's so blurred it makes it difficult to understand and separate their definition, history and philosophy.  What we are attempting to do here is to, for at least a cosmological instant, clarify the confusing differences and similarities between the two; to help you get going you could click on these links to learn more about the subject: Art and Porn.  

There can be art in an image that is intended to be pornography and vice-versa.  Pornography's intention is to cause arousal or sexual excitement; it invokes your emotions and appeals to your senses which makes it art by definition.  On the other hand, unless the art is sexual in nature, AND for the purpose of arousing the intended audience, it is NOT considered pornographic, it is simply art and that is what we are about here at Art, Not Porn.

We want to show you that art, even nude and sexy art can be artistic without becoming pornographic and without violating DA's set policies*.  Our intention is to show you the beauty and complexities of the human body.  It is not to cause arousal, but to invoke other emotions such as happiness, sadness and understanding of the different range of physical variety on the human form.

Obviously there is more to these two terms and there are more connections to their definitions than one individual or one website can provide.  Don't take the name of this group too literally and don't forget what the main goal is to share you work and learn from others.  Ultimately you decide how to interpret porn, art and anything else you encounter.  If you are interested, take a look at some of the works in the Director's Picks collection to get an idea of what we mean by Art, Not Porn.

Please, read the FAQ if you wish to be a member or contribute.  Thanks!


DeviantArt  has changed the features available to free accounts and free group accounts, because of this, until I am able to afford upgrading to a SuperGroup (or someone is kind enough to donate one) I am not able to create new folders; therefore no requests for folders will be accepted.

I will, however be cleaning up folders that have been left inactive or have been cleared out by the users, to free up some for new members I find deserving of these spots (they will be very limited if at all available).

Sorry for the inconvenience.  The rest of the rules below apply.

01 Why do I keep getting blog updates about this blog if I read it already?

Over time, questions and concerns are brought up to me, I will try to not spam you with regular, minute changes, but once in a while the FAQ section will be updated to reflect those questions and concerns, or new DA policies that are of concern or would affect this group's members and their contributions.  Whenever you see a blog update for the FAQ section I ask that you scroll through it and read any questions with the :new: symbol to its left.  Those will be the new or updated questions.  If this is your first time reading the FAQ, then please read the whole thing.

02 What is Art Not Porn?

"Art Not Porn" is this group's name and also what the group is about.  The group is about art, NOT about porn. It is a simplified version of the grammatically correct sentence  "This is art, not porn." which is completely different from "Art is not porn".  While "Art is not porn [necessarily]..." would be a correct statement, that is not what this group represents (read more here).

03 How can I benefit from this group?

There are several ways one could benefit from this group... Whether you're a professional photographer offering his (her) services; an amateur photographer in search of inspiration or to increase his (her) audience; an amateur or professional model in search of wider, more respectful audience; a stock-content provider who wants to help others; or simply an art appreciator, with a true passion for art and the human form; ArtNotPorn has what you're looking for.  Here are some of the things you can do with us:
  • Follow Us - :+devwatch: Watch the group to receive updates of photo and art submissions from our contributors, and to receive any important updates.
  • Join Us - Participate of any group events, polls be a voice and not just a number when you become a member.
  • Network - Contribute your work to our gallery and share it with like-minded artists.
  • Self-Promote - Submit your devID as your presentation card to one of our directories categories.
  • Participate - Suggest features to make your opinion count.
  • Become a VIP Contributor - Over the course of the years I will select and reward individuals who have followed the rules and made this group a better place with a VIP folder.  Which means that their submissions will not require approval and their daily limit is slightly increased.

*Becoming a member automatically watches our group's submissions and blogs, if you do not wish to watch ArtNotPorn or you leave the group you can click here then scroll down to our group's name and edit the settings or click remove to stop watching us (if you are a member you are required to, at least, watch the group's blog/news).

04 How do I become a member of this group?

In order for you to become a member of this group your membership request has to be approved* by me.  For your membership request to be considered :
  • You must be 18+ years of age and your account must have been created six months prior to sending your request.
  • You must NOT have an empty account.  A bunch of collections yet everything else blank does not count.
  • Your comments, critiques and DA participation in general must be consistently polite.
  • You must abide by ALL DA policies.
  • You must read the FAQ in its entirety (I will know) then proceed to send your request.

Follow the steps below to send a membership request for consideration :
  1. Click on "Join our Group" near the "Send a Note" button on either the top or the left side of our front-page.

*Your membership request will be reviewed by me and will be approved or declined within 72hrs (if it takes longer than this and it expires, please submit again I WILL get around to it).
See question #5, below, to learn more about submitting your work to this group.

05 What is a contributing member and how do I become one?

Being a contributing member* is, unlike the default admin category called "contributors" on DA groups, simply having the ability to submit work to a named folder** within our gallery. For consideration:
  • You must have some samples of your work on your current DeviantART gallery.
  • You account must have at least 1 year of activity and several artistic contributions to your galleries. (Exceptions on the accounts longevity can be made with those who have changed accounts over the years or are confirmed legitimate artists).
  • Your work must comply with ALL DA policies associated with the type of content being posted in this group.
  • You must have at least 3 deviations minimum within your folder in our galleries, or it will be removed.
  • You must read the whole FAQ
  • After completing all the steps above click here to request a folder within our galleries.

*To become a contributing member you have to become a member first then request a folder.
**Once you are an approved contributing member you will have a folder, and you will be notified of this.  If you do not get one after requesting to be a contributing member then let me know.  VIPs are selected ONLY by me, and are arbitrarily based on how I see your contribution and behavior within our group, over the years.

:new:06 What type of work is accepted in this group?

There are many mediums out there in which nudity in an artistic fashion is an obvious part of the subject.  So, as long as it depicts nudity* in an ArtNotPorn style (please see Director's Picks for an example) then you are free to submit it.  The following list should give you a general idea of what we accept as medium.
  • Traditional Art - Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures, etc...
  • Photography - Both digital and film. (If you are the model, not the photographer then your folder will be in the model's section).
  • Digital Arts - Photo-manipulation, Paintings, Drawings and 3D Renders.

*lingerie and wet clothes are NOT nudity, but some exceptions can be made.  Verbal art forms such as poems and prose will not be accepted as a medium, as they are not depicting the human body in a visual manner.  I am sure that there are groups out there which dedicate to this medium.

07 How do I submit new work to this group's gallery?

To submit a new deviation to our gallery follow the steps you normally follow to get to the "Submit Art" page on your deviant art gallery.  Once there fill everything as you normally would, but keep an eye for the "Submit to A Group" section.  Check the check-box for #ArtNotPorn then select the folder from the drop-down list to ensure your submission is not automatically disregarded.  Optionally you can make this deviation an exclusive to the group, which is great to keep your more risque work away from your gallery, but still get DA's attention through our group.

08 How do I submit work already on my deviantART account to this group's gallery?

To submit a deviation currently in your gallery follow the steps below:
  1. Go directly to the folder with your name inside our gallery (Hint: it is actually faster to just find it on the front page, especially if your folder is towards the bottom of the list).
  2. Once inside the folder, locate the "Submit to This Folder" on the top-right corner and click on it.
  3. From the two options on the drop-down click on the "Contribute an Existing Deviation..." one.
  4. On the window that pops-up if Your Gallery isn't selected then select it.
  5. Once you see your deviations find the one you wish to submit and click on it to select it then click on the "Submit" button.  Another window will thank you for your submission and you're done*, repeat process for each deviation you wish to submit if it is already on your account.

*Your deviations will not show on your folder until they are approved.

09 When I submit my work it gets declined or it expires, why is that?

I will try to explain the reason of declining your submissions when possible, but if you constantly submit to the wrong folder and/or not pay attention to the submission rules your submissions will be ignored.  I understand that you might accidentally submit to the wrong folder once or twice, and I will fix that, but if you constantly miss it after reminding you, or if you just purposely post to the wrong folder, your submissions will expire or be removed without explanation.  If your deviations expire, it is definitely my fault and an inherent, negative side-effect to having only one administrator/moderator (yours truly), but it is not out of laziness or lack of care for this group, if and when there are expired submissions there is a good reason for it (i.e. personal problems or natural disasters or technical issues out of my control).  Whichever the reason might be, I will eventually post it to our blog and update everyone about it, AND any deviations that I would have approved will be submitted manually by me, so you shouldn't be too concerned about your deviation submissions expiring.

Please, pay attention to the folder you select to submit to EVERY TIME you submit your work.

10 I requested to be a member and it was declined, why?

Read the questions and answers about joining and its requirements on questions #4 and #5.

11 I don't understand English very well, can you translate or use my language?

The only other language I am proficient in is Spanish and a little Italian, but to make all communications clean and uniform I ask that we all communicate in English and if that isn't a possibility for you, then unfortunately communication with us will not be the best.  If you still wish to be part of the group you can, but you have to at least understand the FAQ and be able to ask questions when needed.  Google Translate is a thing, people!

If anyone is capable and willing to donate a proper translation of this FAQ section to their native language, let me know.

12 How do I advertise/promote my work and services through this group?

Well there is something I like to call our Collections Directory and it is basically the Favorite section organized into collection folders for different types of artists and providers to promote themselves.  There are categories added all the time, but you can find the Directory here (if you can't find the right collection for you, please ask and I will consider adding or suggesting the appropriate one).

13 How do I submit pictures to the Members' Picks sub-collections?

You cannot do this, you have to submit directly to the Members' Picks collection and if approved then it will be moved accordingly.

14 What can I suggest to the "Member's Picks" Collection?

In this collection you can submit anything you believe worthy of being an Art, Not Porn favorite.  One condition though, suggestions of your own work will be declined.  Others may suggest your work as their pick, but self-selection* is prohibited.

*If you wish to contribute your work to this group, please follow the instructions on question #5.

15 What are DA Policies; and do they apply to this group submissions and members?

They are a set of standards and rules designed to maintain this site clean and safe from polluted art/artists.  Of course things aren't perfect and some rules might not seem fair to all, but they are there for a reason and they evolve as things come up.  I have experience it first-hand; this group, for example, exists today in DA because they have improved some of their policies and restrictions over the years.  All of DA's policies can be found here.  Of course they all apply to us as deviantART members, but below I've compiled a list of the ones directly and closely related to this group:

16 Are there any specific rules other than sticking to DA policy?

Yes, there are several rules set in place by me to compliment DA's policy by protecting the group's integrity and its member's work.  Both members and contributors of this group HAVE to follow these rules in order to continue to enjoy the privileges of their membership.  Disregarding these rules or clear violations of DA policies will be punished with the expulsion of the group and violation report if necessary.  Below are the group rules :
  • Read B4U Write - Before you hit the "send" or "submit" buttons, think about what you just read or what you DID NOT read.
  • Stupid Questions - I hear it all the time, "There is no such thing...", really?  Well, it might be so, but if it has been asked and answered before and you repeat the question, then it becomes a really stupid question.  If you ask something already answered in this FAQ (also below in its comments area), then you're just STUPID and your questions will be ignored.  Now, if it is a question that hasn't been answered before, it will be added along with its response to this FAQ.
  • Suspicious Activity - If I receive any submission of work I know is not yours, it will be declined and you will be Kicked Out of the group, then reported for the violation, if any.
  • Democracy, Not - Yes, I created this group, I pay for it and I managed and administer it by myself.  Until that changes, your input, while welcome and appreciated, might not change final decisions that are ultimately mine.
  • Watermarks - There are many options and alternatives, we have to respect them ALL. Please, bring your concerns about specific watermarks to the artist's attention, NOT MINE.
  • Favorite Suggestions - Favorites are used for keeping a directory in this group, not to feature your favorite work.  NO submissions for favorites will be accepted unless it is for a specific Directory Collection.
  • Trolls and Undesirables - if you are a troll or if you simply came here on a crusade against what this group stands for, know that you will meet you match.  So don't waste your time and find someone else to bug.
  • "Wrong Folder" - If you submit to the wrong folder by accident or if someone submits to yours by accident let me know and I will fix it.  If it is something that becomes a constant issue then I will remove your work work from whatever folder you're posting to.  If I notice that it is being done intentionally, you will be completely kicked out of the group.  No questions asked.  I understand that because of how DA groups and their folders work it might be a little confusing at first, but once you've done it a couple times there should be no excuse for you to be submitting anywhere other than your folder.
  • Fat Free Soda - What is the deal with it? Well you read this far as you were supposed to, now all you have to do is type "Fat Free Soda" on your membership request's note and it will be accepted as long as it meets all other membership requirements.

17 I just created _____ group, and I really have no idea how to set it up; can you please help?

Congratulations on creating yet another group that most likely DA doesn't need.  I say this because if you have to ask for help, then whatever your group is about I am sure is not needed, at least not with you running it.  No, the answer is no.

Thanks to wynnesome for suggesting this: If you really need help with groups (i.e. you created a cool an awesome group, not just a love-me-no-members-group) then visit devBUG which is the "groups help, suggestions, and bug reporting" group.

18 This group sucks, I hate it because it hurts my feelings, what can I do?

Stop looking and report the individual violation to the respective authorities.  Don't bother me or the members about it.  And if you suddenly decide to be a puritan after joining the group, you have two options, either STFU and enjoy the ride, or you can just LEAVE!

19 I read this FAQ and/or asked my own question, got an answer, but still don't get it, now what?

Read it again, if you can't understand it or you don't like rules and instructions then I am afraid this group isn't for you, go back to your iCrap at Starfucks and keep sticking it up to "The Man", you're doing a great job. :sarcasm:

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